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2nd field trial has started
4 August 2014

Development and testing of the second prototype has completed and the field study has just started. During the next 8 weeks 25 users in Vienna and 25 users in Dublin will use the PEACOX route planner prototype and the PEACOX navigation app Dynavix. They will also be provided with a Trip Diary app to review and annotate the automatically detected trip modes and trip purposes. We will gather feedback on the user experience and technology acceptance through online questionnaires, interviews and group discussions.

If you are interested in participating in the field trial or would like to try out the prototype apart from the trial, please write an e-mail to:


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In our highly globalised world increased mobility results in a strong environmental impact, in particular in urban areas. Personal transportation is one of the greatest contributions to CO2 emissions. As more people are becoming increasingly concerned with rising fuel costs and pollutant emissions, solutions are needed to promote environmentally friendly transport behaviour.

Introducing PEACOX. A smart phone application that will guide you to your destination the sustainable way. It offers you eco-friendly routing and navigation that respect your personal needs and expectations of comfort.

Peacox envisions

  • efficient, environmentally friendly, and multi-modal route planning
  • personal recommendations based on your travel patterns
  • precise feedback about your ecological travel impact
  • real-time driving feedback for more fuel efficient driving
  • challenges and rewards to share your green achievements with others





See the project overview for more information about the project. Check out the progress so far at the the results page. Get to know the team behind Peacox at the project partners page. Find out where you can hear more about Peacox under events.

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PEACOX stands for Persuasive Advisor for CO2-reducing cross-model trip planning - and is an international collaboration between eight organisations from six countries aiming to provide travellers with personalised multi-modal navigation tools that allow, help and persuade them to travel and drive ecological friendlier. The project is supported by the EU under Framework Programme 7.





Herewith we indicate that there is no link  between the PEACOX project and Crambo, S. A.'s ECONAV technology or trademark. The project has ceased to use the term ECONAV and replaced it by PEACOX.